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Human created States are conceptual in actuality or in origin. Conceptual states in actuality, represent the memory as the factor of time and exist in the past or future. These conceptions are things like heaven and hell or the Stone and Space Ages. A conception such as the Gods of Mount Olympus can give reason, meaning and purpose to human events if these deities are considered to interfere in human life. The concept of Extra Mundane Authorities such as gods, are comparative predicates to the Given Existence and act as Authoritative Imperatives. The creation of Qualified States are conceptual in origin. They represent every human created state, condition and entity as the achievement of anything from the wheel to skyscrapers, jet travel or nuclear medicine. Qualified States by the creation or possession of, represent superior conditions compared to the natural world and explain the activity and behavior necessary to create and maintain them. The concept of Metaphysical Ideals are comparative predicates and represent Authoritative Imperatives.

There are two types of Finite Determination in which the Authoritative Imperative is either the pre-existent state and conditions of nature or the human creation of Qualified States. If the Given Existence and natural world, is said to be an already complete and finished result and product, it would explain itself by what it already is, and all natural change could be said to promote the preservation of itself in its already existing condition. Since all living things duplicate themselves in identical or near like form, and the same could be postulated for in-animates as well, it could be said that this duplication is the preservation of an already existing result and product, both as categories of entities, and of the living existence as a whole.

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