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The concepts of the Positive and Negative Dimensions are also relevant to the concepts of Spirituality and Materialism, wherein if the natural world is a spiritual state, then the Positive Dimension as the experience of reality, would be the field of Spirituality. A true perception of that reality, would be enhanced by the absence of conditioning, wherein the individual may be conditioned to negative assessments of nature. If Spirituality is not an inherent element of the natural world, then Spirituality can only be a state of mind, as the province of the Negative Dimension and thus can only be learned and appreciated by the instruction and conditioning of others.

The Positive Dimension

The origin of sensation and perception for all living entities, is the manifestation of the Positive Dimension, which is the natural world and universe termed the Given Existence. Every person is born to a molecular, genetic, and chemical composition and identity, as the human organism possessing a Human Sensory Apparatus, which is nearly identical for everyone. Human agreement is possible, based upon similar abilities of sensory perception, and upon the consistency of the form and pattern of the composition of the Positive Dimension. For instance everyone jumped at the unexpected noise, of an exploding fire cracker.

The Positive Dimension represents the field, universe and origin of all sensation, as every stimuli and sensation perceived by the sensory apparatus, as impressions and images, originating interior or exterior to the body, like a pain in the biceps, or the sight and smell of a rose. The human organism contains a sensory apparatus of five senses, which involves the nerve apparatus and brain function, which registers the immediate occurrence of sensual stimulation, experienced as incremental degrees of distinction and accordance, like sweet from sour, smooth from rough, or short from tall.

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