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The Positive Dimension is the perception and sensory experience, of any or all qualities and conditions, contained in any given present circumstance. In terms of space and time, the Positive Dimension represents all stimuli, as registered by the individual, confined to boundary of immediate perception, independent of all associational attributes, as recollected recall from the memory. This means the perception of the tree in the moment, absent recall of all of its history like how it looked in the winter, or will look next month, or what is behind that one cannot see, but can only remember.

The Positive Dimension, includes the experiences and perceptions of extra- sensory, and extra-dimensional perception and experience such as clairvoyance and astral projection, or any extra-dimensional experience which does not originate as stimulations, impressions or feelings, which do not originate from, or are in any way influenced by the memory, such as dreams, fantasy, delusion or hallucination.

The Negative Dimension

Authority for human conduct, as what motivates the individual to any given action, either originates from the Positive Dimension, as sensory impetus, such as changing conditions, like rain or cold has arrived, or it is time to move out the way of the arriving car. Or the authority and impetus for action is the Negative Dimension. Because the qualities, conditions, activity and behavior of the Positive Dimension, acts independent of the individual, it is imperative that the individual possess the ability, to recognize and identify instantaneously, every possibility of imperilment, from any place or thing, as an automatic response, and with an exact precision of the memory. The individual must react automatically, and with precision when driving a car through heavy traffic.

The Negative Dimension, as the facility of the human memory, replicates the Positive Dimension with varying degrees of accuracy, including the capability of exactness. The memory is an essential function of the Human Sensory Apparatus, for all automatic or volitional activity and behavior, as one judges the distance one can jump by past experience. The memory also replicates itself, as the recall of past thinking or conversation, like one thought, or was told they could reach the beach by sunset.