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Like the sight of apples may remind one of pie, or the thought snow may make one feel cold. Association is the ability of the memory to recognize, identify, define and give context, to any given subject in present experience, or as present thinking. If one sees or thinks a dog, the impressions are compared to images in the memory. I remember that this dog bites, and cross the street. Or one sees or thinks car, and may associate, any number of attributes, pertaining to the subject car, like models, races, crashes size, color, etc.

Correspondent Association

Association is classified as Correspondent and Disconjunctive. Correspondent Association is the selection of impressions and images, stored in the memory, which correspond by comparison, as an exact or like degree, to elements of immediate circumstance or present thinking, wherein the association represents as accurately as the memory is capable, a true and correct recollection and comparison. The memory of the accident was precise, and prevented it from happening again.

Correspondent Association is ideally the ability of the memory to accurately select association from the past, which is compared to any subject or element of present qualities and conditions, of sensory experience or thinking, as precise recognition, identification, definition and context, for automatic or quick response.

The identity and definition of an entity in present circumstance, is established from Comparative states of the past, independent of context, as a dog is recognized by the qualities and conditions of dog, regardless of whether one has had experience with this particular dog. Identity and definition as classifications, represent fixed attributes, like fur and four legs, which are fairly consistent to every dog.

Identity and definition are generic, but the perception or reality in a present state, is influenced by association as specific context.

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