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The Conceptual Objective is the facility of either Correspondent or Disconjunctive Association, as the ability to recall or arrange associations in the memory, which are images of future projections. Actions of the body are willed to conform to the conception, for the most part by automatic response, which is learned from past experience, and which is incremental movement of the body, in a direction toward producing the objective. The action of reaching for the orange may be automatic, but it conforms to the conception and was once learned.

Symbolic Association

Another facility of the Negative Dimension is the capacity of Symbolic Association as the ability to attach association, of an independent and different character and content, to a subject which is a sensory reality of any given present circumstance, or of present thinking.

The subject apple can be associated with the Garden of Eden and sin, or food. Symbolic Association is used as a common standard of representation for the purpose of communication, like the word stop is a human sound or visual sign representing the cessation of movement.

Conceptual Empowerment

Conceptual Empowerment is the facility of thinking, to create Symbolic Association as the language of words which are conjoined into patterns which may be used to authorize human thought, activity and behavior, but which in no way reflects the reality of given past, present, or future circumstance, and which allows the individuals to believe whatever they want, and freely transcend the reality of present time and space.

The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is an aspect of the Mystical Dimension which represents states of experience through portals of the mind not involving the body as the Positive Dimension or memory for the vehicle of mobility and perception.

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