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A population formula is a Utopian concept wherein it is accepted that humankind is only one of myriad organisms that constitutes the planetary existence, and where the Given Existence is considered as a Spiritual State. Humankind with the ability of volition has the facility to control its population. It is first recognized that the Given Existence is non-progressive and essentially a Stable State. Every species save the human is incapable of producing more food than what is naturally available in the environment and thus population is controlled by available nutrient resource. Over population diminishes resource and thus the population dies back to what can be sustained. Historically the human population was controlled in the same way. The advent of technology creates the human ability to expand its resource base, control disease, and thus expand its population.

As the overpopulation of a species such as deer will collapse its resource base, humankind will collapse the entire planetary ecology, without the intervention of some human or naturally caused depopulation event. This is because human population is unregulated anywhere in the world with the exception of China. The regulation of population is considered fascist by most people in the west, and perhaps most everywhere. But then they do not have a national population of 1 billion. It was that millions starved to death every year in China, and a communist revolution was necessary to curtail this catastrophe and introduce forced population control. This was only possible with a strong centralized Socialist government, meaning that the government in the interest and welfare of the nation as a whole, promoted birth control at the expense of the individual's propensity to have as many kids as desired, and especially a male heir with 2 or 3 back ups. This is a centralized policy, and certainly fascist from a free family perspective, that seeks to control population for the benefit of the whole, instead of the limited perspective of the individual family.