The concept of Government is an organization, the purpose of which is to serve all of the people of its jurisdiction, in common. This service is to provide things like roads and bridges, fire and police and the common defense, standards of law and commerce, libraries and social services, water and parks.

The government operates on tax revenues collected from the citizenry by various schemes and formulas usually designed upon ability to pay. These formulas in a democracy are decided and created by elected officials. This pool of collected tax money, especially in federal governments, can be huge sums, and in the case of the US government, is an astronomical amount of money. The politicians who design the tax laws also allocate how the money will be spent. They represent different factions each of which want it to be spent in different ways, relative to their constituencies and coincident with their own interests. Many people talk about the problems of government as if government were evil. Actually the problem is not with government as a concept, but that the government for the public is subverted to private interests.

Private interests means the Pseudo-conservatives, the Right Wing and Capitalists, all having in common elitist ideals. This means that the authority, from which they evaluate consequence, significance and value, is advanced and elite standards, ideals and principles, that are considered as progressed away from the common and average, toward developed elite models, and to which it is expected that all individuals are to correspond and conform, by virtue of their superiority. These ideals are in conflict with the intrinsic concept of government, that is Socialist by its intrinsic purpose, which is to serve its constituency as a whole. However the history of government has been the use or its usurpation by elites, for their own narrow interests, examples being theocracy or monarchy and dictatorship. Instances of Pseudo-conservative groups in America are racial purists, nationalists promoting national superiority, religious exclusivity or monotheism in general, capitalist elites, oligarchical factions or political parties.

Private interests believe that the government should support their elite ideals, exclusive of others, because of their superiority. If the government does not, which of course is not the design of government, they may adopt an attitude of antagonism. Since it is not mission of government to support specific groups to the exclusion of others, no matter to what extent there exists the self-considered conviction of self-importance, there often develops a subconscious subterfuge, that is actually of benefit to them, termed Antagonistic Opposition. This may amount to the self-entitlement, to manipulate the government for specific or private advancement or gain. This attitude is further illustrated by the Concept of Enemies, where the enemy can be exploited for multifaceted purposes, such as scapegoating, use for labor, the theft of land and property, unification of a population against, the unconscious need for violence such as is found in gang warfare. Private interests can create a justification, for the exerting of influence and power, for the creation and maintenance of favorable laws and regulations, special favors and exemptions, and especially for some, the acquirement of that greatest of all government assets, the resource of taxes.

The absence of public funding of elections in America allows those with the greatest monetary advantage, to have the greatest influence and control of aspects of the government, by the funding and influence over elected officials, leading to the subversion of its purposes from the general to the specific good. The great asset of government is the pool of public taxes collected by the government. The first in line for the public dole, are the politicians who legislate tax money for their own interests, as laws and program funding, that benefits their financial backers, and that increases popularity with their voting constituency. The biggest sop is the 'military industrial complex', that involves the military, the arms makers and their industries, that are spread throughout the congressional districts providing jobs for the constituents. Estimates are that this conglomerate has milked the public treasury for some 7 trillion dollars, much of which is current US government debt. Most of this was spent in the war against communism and the Soviet Union, which as it has turned out, was a complete and total waste of the public's money. The cold war was in reality a battle for the American tax dollar, that could not have been possible without the passive or active collusion of the US media, that uses the publicly owned air waves to generate huge profits for itself, and pays almost nothing for the licensing fees. They also reap huge profits by charging the politicians for political advertising, and insuring that only those beholden to money are able to run for public office. Another beneficiary and user of the US treasury, are certain of the multinational corporations and privately held companies. These pretty much control the foreign policy of the state department, and along with the 'military industrial complex, the national security apparatus. This is often the use of the American tax dollar to promote and protect overseas private investments such as oil, mining and agriculture, by the interference in foreign affairs. Of course this interference will sometimes create overseas enemies, that further justifies the pilfering of the treasury, for more security and protection and the whole tail wag the dog formula that is so currently apparent.

Many policy agents of the government, who are supposed to be working for the public, are actually acting for private interests, while taking the pay of the citizenry, for remuneration under the table, for future careers upon completion of government service or both. The American government is probably the most corrupt in the world and perhaps in history. The Pentagon lost a billion dollars last year, misplaced it, and this got about 10 seconds of news coverage and no investigation was called for. The corruption is so ingrained that the corruptors do not even realize or admit that they are corrupt. Their attitude is that if it were not for they, the American way of life would not be what it is. The system is so corrupt that a resignation from the US government is almost unheard of, since these people never admit that they are wrong about anything. How convenient. They are not wrong because they are good and loyal toward their narrow interests, defending that from the enemies of their own creation, not realizing or caring that their interests are suppose to represent the public good in general. This adversary system is to some extent built into the US constitution as checks and balances. One of the reasons these users of government for private purposes may so hate communism in general or China in particular, is that they would all be shot for treason in those kinds of governments. When they say communism lacks freedom, one of the things that must be implied, is the lack of freedom to pilfer the government.