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Private Property is defined here as more than physical assets, but as the ability of Volition, the means of assigning value and consequence, and the limitation or prohibition upon the transformation and destruction of any already existing state or condition, the means of identity, moral grounding, privacy and diversity of opinion.

Private Property is the exclusive possession and ownership, of any physical phenomenon, entity or event which has come to include any recorded thoughts, speech and action. Private Property is the condition of humankind in terms of personal possessions, like clothes, housewares, tools or keep sakes. Private Property is personal or community. Personal property is the exclusive possession, ownership and use by the individual alone. Community property is the exclusive possession, ownership and use by any number of individuals as a collective organization like family, church, commercial, political or fraternal.

Private Property serves a number of purposes other than the simple possession of material assets. Private Property is the means of prohibiting or limiting the transformation or destruction of states and entities in the context of Progressive Materialism. Materialism is the consideration that everything physical has no inherent consequence in and of itself, and thus may be used as material for human created states, and the means to greater volitional abilities. The absence of all prohibitions as the Absence of Consequence produces the greatest amount volitional abilities. Private Property is the means by which any state or entity is given value and consequence and thus is afforded protection as law backed by force, from those possessing the least prohibitive propensities.