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The primary authority for human activity is the economic necessities of the human body, in relation to the natural environment. The reality of economic survival for humankind, is the need to transform or destroy elements of the Given Existence, for human necessity and superfluity. Every human created product requires material resources for its making, which in some way affects or changes the Given Existence.

The difference between spirituality and materialism, as assessed and described here, is based upon interpretation of the value and consequence, of any or all elements of the Given Existence, which must be utilized as material for all human created products. Every changed state derives from something already existent, which must be transformed or destroyed, to produce any changed condition.

The human condition is the necessity to create alternatives to the natural conditions of the Given Existence. This necessity involves determination of value, as to the consequence of the existence, of any given natural or pre-existent entity, which must be transformed or destroyed, compared to the value and consequence of the changes, as alternatives which represents the living standards of humankind.

The Given Existence considered as a spiritual state, would possess an integrity such that its transformation or destruction would be limited to necessity, and prohibited as material for human created superfluidity. If a spiritual state exists, apart from the natural world, the Given Existence may be considered to possess, no inherent value in and of itself, and may be used for the purposes of producing not only necessity, but any kind of excess. The degree to which the environment and Given Existence may be transformed or destroyed, is represented here as a fundamental distinction between spirituality and materialism.

This idea and determination of value is represented by the concept of the Consequence of Being. The Consequence of Being represents the human assessment, of the consequence and value of any entity, as it exists in the present, as compared to a changed state in future, which requires its transformation or destruction.

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