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Simply put, the value of the woods, which now exists, which must be transformed and destroyed, as compared to the shopping mall which will replace it. Or one could say, the value of cow, as compared to one's next steak. Every individual who makes economic decisions, by design or default, makes an individual determination, as to the Consequence of Being of all they consume.


The distinction between the determined Consequence of Being of pre-existent, as compared to the tandem states changed, is described here, as representing the difference between the concepts of Conservative and Progressive.

The terms Conservative and Progressive represent the human perspective of change, as two opposed determinations, concerning the value of any given pre-existent state, as compared to the changed state which replaces it. Conservative is defined as an evaluation, wherein any given pre-existent state possesses consequential integrity such that its transformation or destruction is limited or prohibited, for any alternative condition. The forest is of greater importance than any products made from it, or the church is more impotant than the chain store slated to replace it. Progressive is defined as an evaluation, that the creation of progressed or superior qualities & conditions, explains and justifys the transformation or destruction, of any given pre-existent state. Wood products are more important, than the trees that they come from, or the economy generated, by a new chain store, is more important than a religious or historical building.

A state of Spirituality is Conservative. This means that the value and consequence, of any or all elements of the Given Existence, represents an already existent and complete entity, the primary function of which is to exist and preserve itself, as an already complete and finished manifestation. Conservative means that a current state, possesses value and consequence such, that the human facility and choice, to create alternatives which change or replace it, is limited or prohibited.

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