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A state of Materialism is Progressive. This mean that the Given Existence is defined, as having no inherent consequence in and of itself, but acquires its value, consequence and identity, as material for human created alternatives to nature, which are termed Qualified States. Qualified States promote the absence of the conditions of nature, and create the abilities of human voliton. Progressive means, that alternatives to a given state are of greater value, than the conditions they replace.


Change, as transformation or destruction, is inherent in every aspect of both natural and human created states. A primary distinction between what is described here as 'Conservative Spirituality' and 'Progressive Materialism', is the assessed relationship of consequence and value, of a state as it pre-exists and as it follows change. Change can be said to promote the existence of the former state replaced, in identical or near like form, or may replace the former state, and substitute new conditions.

The Conservative Spiritual perspective, is that the value of any naturally changed state is equivalent and equal to, the pre-existent state changed. The Progressive Material determination, is that the value of human created change, which produces the absence of the qualities and conditions of nature, and promotes human volition, is of distinct and superior consequence and value.

The Conservative Spiritual perspective and determination of what is of consequence, defines the difference in the value between a changed state and the tandem state changed, as the same or equivalent, which is termed the Equivalency Principle. This defines the value of the results & products of change, as equivalent to the tandem pre-existent state transformed or destroyed; wherein the change, is equivalent to the promotion of the preservation, of the former tandem state changed, in identical or near like form.

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