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Any single entity, such as a tree, animal, planet or a car, is termed a Unified Aggregate. The aggregate is defined as totality of parts, comprising any specific phenomenon, entity or event, consisting of any number of elements or parts, which function in a unified manner, to promote the existence of itself, as any given form, lasting any period of time.

The fundamental form of the Unified Aggregate remains the same, steady, or constant and consistent, wherein any or all of the parts, are changed, transformed or destroyed to preserve the existence of the whole, by replacement in identical or near like form. Trees live grow and die, and are replaced by near identical offspring, adinfinitum. The tree is an already existent result & product, in which any change to its constitution, is only plausible, in terms of a changing exterior environment.

Life is sustained by consistency, as the consistent ability to maintain itself, by the regeneration of its parts; and to reproduce itself in identical or near like form. This reproduction of parts must be in conformance to qualities and conditions, of the exterior environment, like the planet considered as a singular living whole, depends upon the absolutely stable, conditions of the temperature of space and sun, and a consistent planetary orbit. This consistency, in which all life depends, is a Stable State, in which any development that promotes the function of singular parts, to the exclusion of the relationship to the whole, will within a finite space, destroy what is around it, for its own ability to expand, as cancer may be said to be, the inability of an organism as a whole, to control the progressive expansion, of a singular type or cell division.

The Conservative interpretation of change, which reflects the state of nature, represents the results and products of transformation, as preserving and promoting the continuance of an already existent, complete and finished state, or the integrity of the pre-existent conditions of the Given Existence. The violence of change is explained as the continuous destruction, regeneration and replacement of parts, in identical or near like form, which preserves the infinite existence of the whole. Trees live, grow, die, and are replaced by near identical offspring, adinfinitum. Leaves die and are replaced by new ones.

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