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She was Korean. She was small and he liked taller than he; but they talked like the wind in love-wave, the arms all breeze-branch swept in undulation as they circled under the trees and frieze, of swept-water calm across placid morning time - fleeting a flirting dance, they bumped-hips of many times in frequent feel of electric fuse; she married and he may as well have been while the whistle of their only if was narry; she a kept-woman and he a kept-man, and what was the love-kind to reach to reckoning-unbolt flee - for love - each-for-each - not a chance, and they flirted only with the idea of love-free of the prostitution of circumstance, when reality was necessity to the fat and sassy; and still they loved each other, in the fleeting moments of their stolen sorties, how-long this conflicted feign must go-on happy they were, and singing each to the other, in love of laugh, the you and we here, and he still loved her even if she never seem again - their wonder sorties in magic-mind affair of the only if.

So-Know, he began to have second thoughts about the Ni Hao affair. Why would he want to learn Chinese ? He spent his life learning English. He was using it extensively. He didn't have-time for two languages. His memory could only handle so-much. Looking for a woman. What would be compatible ? Here - a problem was language, and not just that she had a hard-time. Did he have time for this, to learn Chinese phraseology ? That's the thing - he didn't have-time.

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