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I had just become a BoyScout admittedly years latter than the rest, when they disbanded the troop and replaced it with Explorers. This may have been freshman or sophomore in high-school of which the only thing I can remember is several outings we undertook. We camped in a swamp. We went to a Jamboree in Wisconsin and we went to the Mississippi Palisades on the west side of the Mississippi River near Savanna Illinois, except I thought and still think it was on the Iowa side.

What was there ? A high speed road between the river and high steep cliffs; and cut into the Palisades, a narrow valley about a house lot wide and deep, containing two to three camp-sites, a man's John and a woman's Jane.

There was Hegel, Smitty, Thor, Murry, GlenD, Baldwin, Badger, myself of course and a few others, perhaps two councillors; and I believe it was two outings separated by a year apart in which the first outing was the incidents of the dog and the cave.

The camp-site was a slit in the rock ravine, and both trips we were in the back, very narrow with steep overgrown green slopes either side. The first morning we awoke there was a stray dog in camp. I believe we had pancakes because the dog had a few. It was decided that he was a nuisance and so I volunteered to get rid of the fido, since I had been raised by a dog and thought I knew them pretty well.

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