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Patriarchy is the dominate sociological, cultural and political order, and which accords to Progressive Materialism, Monotheism, the Metaphysical Ideal and Monoculture, all of which are the result of the introduction of Excess & Profit.


Excess & Profit is Progressive, as the accumulation of ever more materiality, by destroying what is natural to produce what is unnatural and dead, to be interred without rites to land-fills. So as to accomplish this development the natural can have no inherent Consequence in and of itself, but only gains Consequence by conversion into human commodity anomaly called Finite Determination. Thus a system of rectitude is necessary called Morality, wherein degrees of Consequence is ceded to that which corresponds to the Metaphysical Ideal as Monotheism and Monoculture.

Dyadic Authoritative Comparative:

The system of Morality is called the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, as the assessment of value like some degree of shade of gray between antithetical opposites, as black and white. Black is negative low on the scale as the number one, represented as nature, undeveloped, primitive uneducated or low class, while White is high on the scale, as the number ten, represented as positive, developed, elite, educated or high class. What is low on the scale can be exploited and what is high cannot, such as a wooded glen becomes a parking lot while a church or a mansion is sacred.


Excess & Profit and Progressive Materialism is objective oriented, as the achievement of ever more commoditization, and the numerical quantification of one's Consequence is determined by how much one has materially or talent wise. By the theory of Trinitarian Psychology, objectives are personified and are called Identities, such as singer, song writer, dentist or seamstress.

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