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I can't see - Off the computer five weeks my eyes will get better ~ they got worse as soon a I got locked out of the matrix the grid ~ had to leave suddenly to Sonnom's for a few days then was it to be inland heat or coastal cool ~ on the ground or in my car ? I tested at Sonoma's ~ sciatica nerve problem when I could quit mid way night for a comfortable mattress and decided for the coast camp in car where it would be cool and it was foggy for weeks :

My computer is a mess ~ and no-one I have been told has used it why would they indeed - So two weeks coastal sound wave wash in the distance - I had a camp-site half mile from the nearest other ~ and worked out the padding and pillow for the lay back front seat and slept pain free from thence on - Bought a stove at Target and food and had everything by chance except pot and a pan ~ a class some silverware and used no cooler and no tent :

Labor day weekend again with Sonoma and we visited the Professor for a garden party in Santa Rosa ~ thirty years since we'd seen him - 81 now and still looks acts and 5alkw the same - He put me up for a week in his artist's studio ~ coffee delivered in the morning and he fed me and he has taught poetry and read poetry all his life and is reading it now ~ says I'm not a prose writer ~ I'm a poet hut keep what you got ~ just poetize the lines :

At any rate have to quit the twelve hour day to go on living here so that's done and what ? remake myself as a poet ? People said bad eyes is in the air so I thought returning to the city would be more pollen friendly but thus far ayk !

So day after Labor went back to the coast forty minutes from Guerneville and forty minutes more north on Route One twisty curvy and don't make a mistake into the long way down drink ~ out of phone range and expensive these camp sites the cheapest State at thirty-fire a night - So I'm broke more than broke in the hole for another week then stayed with the Professor a week and then a camp-site in Santa Rosa ~ and by this time it's the greatest trip of my life next to Europe and would like to have stayed out if I could afforded it for I loved sleeping in my car :

So wrote something more than 250 pages but will never type it taking moths if it were worth it : You seem well and tale it by your numbers I have been a hindrance to you - Am going to be busy with mundanety and try to get done what I have neglected all this past while so not sure what I am going to do or get done - maybe try poetry since since it seems it would not take so much time :

Forced out and it was good for me and neglected to take my passwords and so couldn't connect and I got a facial tan and I do look good and feel like nobody knew I was gone :

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