2nd Opinion

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As Progressive Materialism has it, pre-existence or As-Is, no matter what it is, has no Consequence what so ever. All Consequence Is-As, meaning Is has Consequence if we transform it As utility including humans. Thus the two are antithetical opposites as no Consequence and Consequence, wherein any given pre-existent state may be transformed, destroyed or exploited for profit. For PolyCulture and the Conservative Paradigm, there exists an equivalence of value and Consequence of natural pre-existent and changed states called the Equivalency Principle. Natural change leaves the pre-existent state in condition in which it will return to its original form.

From these two interpretations of reality as Conservative and Progressive, are derived two evaluative systems termed Optimum Correspondence and the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. Optimum Correspondence as the Conservative system is absolute and fixed wherein the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative is relative and provisional.

Optimum Correspondence means that any given entity possesses an inbuilt construct as an Optimum Correspondence to the environment of its existence, as concrete and confirmed. For a tree, optimum would be the right amount of rainfall, sunlight, temperature, or soil nutrients. Evaluation is degrees greater or less than the fixed optimum. Optimum human temperature is seventy-two degrees and evaluation is that of just right or too hot/too cold.

The Dyadic Authoritative Comparative is a scale of value between two antithetically opposite poles as afore said, no-Consequence and Consequence, or negative and positive states, and thus as a sliding scale is relative and conditional. The two carat diamond was between a low priced one and high priced three. Wherein of the Conservative Paradigm Consequence is of the pre-existent As-Is state, for the Progressive Paradigm Consequence is of a changed Is-As Qualified States. The Conservative is preservative and the Progressive is creative and destructive.

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