2nd Opinion

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Whereas Progressive materialist culture is based on the MetaProperty One as the mono-God, the elite individual, monarch, superstar, fame and fortune for the few, PolyCulture would be said to be based on the MetaProperty All, which would be applicable to the Conservative Paradigm, as the following precepts of : Conservatism, the Whole, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.

PolyCulture originates in the pre-excess & profit Indigenous eras, which is both Socialist and Polytheist. Nature is said to be Socialist. It preserves itself, in which the pre-existent state changed will continue in an exact or near like form, and thus the two states are of an equivalency of value called the Equivalency Principle. Change as the same is called Conservative, preservative and duplicative, wherein Consequence is of pre-existent states as opposed to changed states as human anomaly of Progressive Materialism. Every individual Part of nature contributes some element to the Whole, which is equally available to all that can sustain a life in sometimes harsh conditions. The Whole of the planetary existence that supports every of its Parts.

Government is said to be Socialist, the function of which is to create an organization of Parts as individuals, which exist cohesively within a Whole as Government jurisdiction, by creating rules and laws to regulate the social traffic and conflicting avenues. However the very nature of Government must consist of fairness and equality if there is not to be mass disobedience and criminal corruption, as sooner or later bespeaks Capitalistic controlled Government. Government is centralized legislation and by taxes as a lesser portion of each individual's income can produce massive infrastructure projects such as roads, water, sewer that individual's alone could not produce.

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