2nd Opinion

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The Spirituality of Indigenous peoples is Polytheistic which means Gods, Spirits or any other dimensional entities co-existent simultaneously in the material world as other-dimensionals, and are not as in Monotheism separate from as an abstract heaven, this world. Since there are infinite Parts and aspects in the material world, there would accordingly be infinite Spirits, which it would be said can be felt if not seen and heard.

As Capitalism attempts to destroy Socialism wherever it can find it, and fortunately they are so stupid they make idiots seem like geniuses, they do not usually recognize ordinary Government as Socialist. So does Monotheism destroy Polytheism wherever it is found. Monoculture as Monotheism and Capitalism are sooner or later Fascist, wherein those superior-supremes are the crown of creation, and thus deserve all and everything, while the lessers deserve less and little. Polytheism is democratic allowing a plethora and multitudes of other-dimensional entities. Physical material entities imbued with Spirit command Consequence and respect for all existence, wherein Materialism commands the opposite as Consequential Negation and eventually world conflagration.

PolyCulture is considered coincident of the Whole wherein MonoCulture is indicative of the Part. A Whole is described as circumscribed domain, composed of numerically limited multiplicity of elements or Parts, which comprise a Unified Function in conjunction with each other. The Whole is said to produce Products internal to itself, wherein the Part produces Products external to itself. All that happens inside a Whole is internal, but Parts produce Products that contribute to the Whole, as a heart pumps blood external to itself or lungs produce oxygen for use external by the blood.

The Whole as circumscribed domain would be akin to Government, wherein Government's products are internal to itself, and wherein the Parts contribute in some way to a Unified Function of the Whole.

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