2nd Opinion

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All modern-day Government is a mix of Socialism and Capitalism, however due to Capitalist propaganda is not recognized as such. The business is Capitalist, as resident on a street which is Socialist. PolyCulture is affinitive to the Whole while MonoCulture is associative of the Part, which in the context of Whole, should and does support the All except when human conceptual, wherein as singular, can be Conservative and obligated to the Whole, or dissociating itself from the common All, adopt the concept that the Part is greater than the Whole, and work against it, such that the profit from its Products is for the self and ilk alone, leading eventually to the overthrow of Government replaced with warlords.

PolyCulture as the psychology of the Ego, Identities and Ipseities, would define the Ego as of the Whole, the Identities as of the Part and the Ipseities of Monotheism as also of the Part. The Ego is called the associational selector of the individual, which selects Association called Interpretation, primarily in the context and with reference to the body, which would be a Whole in and of itself, and wherein all its Parts operate in a Unified Function for the preservation and well-being of the body. Thus it could be said that the inherent characteristic of the Ego would be Socialist.

The body is a circumscribed domain wherein most of the Products of the manifold Parts are internal to itself as heart pumps blood, stomach digests food, kidneys filter blood, the lungs import oxygen as well as exporting carbon dioxide, or the eyes convert sight to seeing. The reason for being and meaning of all the Parts is the body, the Parts working in conjunction with each other contributing to the Whole.

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