2nd Opinion

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When a Part produces more or less than is its function, it is illness or disease, or if it reproduces itself in excess is called cancer.

The Identities are associational selectors, wherein Association is selected as Interpretation primarily within the context and in reference to objectives, which become personified as Identities. Her objective was to save lives and so she was called a surgeon. Identities would be affiliated with the Part because they are creations of the mind that can be independent of the body as fantasy and delusion like someone with stars in their eyes or vision plum cake swimming in their heads. Identities can produce Products for internal use of the body such as food, fire, forage or furniture, or solely for export, as a commercial baker, dress maker, book keeper or repair shop.

Identities can be created in complete contradistinction to the body such as dangerous objectives like car racing or parachuting, as things the Ego representing the Whole body would not approve. Which is to say Identities can be Conservative as is the Ego or Progressive as goal oriented Identities. In western MonoCulture, the Ego is unrecognized, and the natural body may be considered as base, degraded, contaminated and corrupt, and thus the entire culture is based on the pursuit of Progressive goal-oriented objectives as the ever more Excess & Profit as material or conceptual.

Every Part is a Whole in and of itself with a loyalty internal , and every Whole is a Part, except a Choate Whole which produces no discernible Products external to itself, which may or may not be Progressive. When the Whole is an individual Identity as conceptual, this associational characterization can deny the born-body, can deny the Whole as community and Government, deny the All and choose a loyalty only to the One or self.

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