2nd Opinion

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The inherent characteristic of the Identities then could be said to be indicative of Progressive Materialism and Capitalism.

The Ipseities are Identities wherein the objectives are other-dimensional as Monotheism or Polytheism. Heaven would be a Monotheistic objective wherein the individual might adopt a religious or pious, devotional, reverent or pontifical personifications. Respect for the holy mountain might be a Polytheistic objective wherein individuals might adopt characterizations as inspired by visits to the mountain. For spirituality the mountain must be preserved as external dictates internal, but for the Monotheists, they don't care since their mountain top is other-dimension locational heaven thus internal dictates external.

For the elders it is not going to get much better, and so stay the same is the most many may hope for, while for the young generally as not having much to begin, want more. The Ego is inherently Conservative and the Identities have a propensity to be Progressive, as an inborn dichotomy or the conceptual and empirical, heaven and earth.

PolyCulture as expressed here would embrace both the Conservative and Progressive or Socialism and Capitalism, and all the varying cultural differences and distinctions. However there must be distinction between public and private or same and difference. The public realm as primarily Government would maintain a uniformity as an equity of all. This uniformity is found in many public institutions as worn uniforms, such as the military, suits and ties, uniform dress in specific educational institutions or hospitals as organizational uniformity.

Government as Socialist institutions have varying functions such as infrastructure, transportation, education, health or regulation, and each of these functions have uniform missions and the necessary applications apparatus. Each of the functions have a uniformity of mission and purpose.

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