2nd Opinion

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There is a long standing and perhaps irreconcilable animosity between public and private. Private corporate Capitalism continually seeks to overthrow and dissolve Socialist governments, and governments in general often seek to expand control over private interests. Government is the Whole that builds infrastructure as towns and cities and thus is preservative, and wherein its Parts represents the All as everyone within its jurisdiction. And because private citizens support Government by taxes, they are to receive an equity of service from the Government, and the past is authority for the present. Pre-existence is preeminent of change.

Private is the individual, family, group and organization independent of Government, as Parts which supports the Government with taxes, but also builds its own domain by means of Capitalism. Whereas in Government excess and profit goes to the benefit of All, Private gains goes to the benefit of singulars, individuals, families and organizations as private profit. Of private Capitalism the future is the authority for the present, or change is preeminent of pre-existence.

Private enterprise tends to be enamored of MonoCulturism which glorifies the exceptional and few as Monotheism and Moneytheism, which more or less glorifies its own success, and wherein more is always demanded rather than less as God and Gold.

Public requires a sameness of agreement and cooperation directed toward singular and specific ends, which embraces the All as applicable to most if not everyone. Public, as some contribution of the power numbers as All, does what the few cannot. Private interest is limited to few manifested for One as MonoCulturists, Monotheists and Moneytheists, which requires agreement of limited numbers as befits the self-interested One, and have no place in Government, in that they would use Government for their own limited and circumscribed ends, whether it be God, Gold or Guns.

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