2nd Opinion

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Government operated in the interest of the few is Fascism. The All can accommodate all the many Parts or Ones internal to itself, and of which contribute to its function, but the One cannot accommodate the All which is external to itself. Government operated in the interest of the All must be democratic, if it is indeed to represent the input from the All.

Public must maintain a uniform consistency of a maintenance of operation, equivalent to sameness at least on the job. As the heart cannot take a beating break and must be continually consistent, so-to the Government in all of its functions regular consistency. The Whole provides a sameness of purpose and meaning for the those Parts within those criterion of its functions. However too often Government primarily fascist, demands a uniformity of it all citizens government or civilians.

Also the Conservative can be stifling of creativity, spontaneity, genius, imagination, imaginativeness, ingenuity, inspiration, inventiveness or originality. Private on the other hand, as much of its commercialism is gratuitous and superfluous, and wherein a multiplicity of varying interests, perspectives, cultures, class, beliefs and perspectives is extant, need not be adoptive of singular one size fits all ideology.

Perhaps the best way to accommodate the conflict is that the individual is intellectually or internally Progressive within one's domain, as private or at least separate from public Government. But externally as one's outer environment and public one would be Conservative.

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