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Pottery Lessons

My first room mate to be on Winfield Street above the pottery shop after moving in there was a woman from Berkeley. She was a piano teacher. Don't remember where I met her. She would rent the big room and I would take the smaller. She would use Wherebe's big piano in the living room. It didn't work out and she didn't move in. Not sure why. Maybe because Wherebe came for his piano but I think that was later. I did see her again about a year later at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. She was being rowed around the lake by a good looking young guy. I remember that she had me do the same thing, so I figured it was a regular modus operandi.

Think it was MaryT who actually moved in with me along with her dog, a black long haired mutt of some kind. MaryT was something. She had the most buoyant and exuberant personality imaginable and maybe a little bit like the Merle Streep portrayal of Julia Child. She made the best pottery and I still have a few of her pots right here in my room. She was about five-six or seven, slightly on the rounded side, wore steel-rim glasses and clogs with no socks, that she liked to clunk around in. She was a wealth of knowledge, loved the "The Joy of Cooking", knew of all the latest hippie trends, had interests in all sorts of things like Astrology, the occult, food and cooking, pottery and the arts, decoration and design and many conventions of the upper class, although she never identified herself as such. It was said she was from a rich family in New York City. Jackie was a friend of hers.

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