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Squeezing the knees and thighs together gave strength to the wrists and hands one would otherwise not have.

My first student I think was Becky. She was a local San Francisco native and a high school senior, probably introduced to the shop by Whobe's outreach. She was on the short side, long dark hair, good looking and fun. After a time instead of lessons we would go to my room upstairs and goof around and flirt. It was always non-sexual until the last time I made a more serious pass, which she rejected. She may have disappeared after that, although she did return sometime later with a few friends. After Becky had been gone awhile SusieQ my partner in the shop asked me what happened to her. I said, "I think I scarred her off with a pass". "Oh", she said, "I thought you two were doing it up there all the time". "No", I said, "never once". When Becky returned it was most unfortunate. SusieQ ran them out of the shop with rudeness I would assume, because they were not up-scale enough. SusieQ at some point suffered an attack of status elitism betraying her earlier hippie ideals.

One of the first things I learned in Haight Ashbury was if one didn't look like the hippies or if you didn't necessarily agree with their beliefs you would be ostracised. So I didn't take the hippy movement or the rhetoric that seriously. I think from my own processes of psychological de-conditioning, I knew that any true cultural reform would involve self-study and there was no hint of such processes to be found other than to take drugs.

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