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The house next door west of the pottery shop was owned by an absentee landlord who I later found out, was the best water colorist I have ever seen in America. He had his place rented to a threesome, a man, woman and gay or bisexual guy and two big French Poodles. They walked by the shop one day when SusieQ and her friends were there. The pottery shop was in a two car garage and facing from inside the left door was usually open when people were there, and the feminine guy was wearing clogs, braids and girlie clothes. SusieQ and friends made fun of them. It was then that I realized, that for all the espoused distaste for prejudice and bias espoused by the hips, that it apparently only applied to that directed at them.

I created my own technique for throwing pots. After wedging or working some clay, one adheres a ball of it to the wheel head by plopping it down hard in the center. One kicks the wheel to get a good spin. With the use of a bowl of water one wets the hands and clay. The object here is to cup it in the hands, squeeze it using the legs for extra strength, and raise the clay in a cone shaped tower. This is primarily to align the grain of the clay into a swirl pattern. Next the tower must be compressed down. Placing one cupped hand on the top with the elbow up, and the other hand braced against one knee to hold the tower from collapsing sideways, one slowly compresses the clay down into a cake shape, flat on top with straight up-and-down sides.

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