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MaryT was firing the kiln late at night as a usual thing. I told her that she shouldn't do it, that she was going to fall asleep. I came back from somewhere one day and went into the shop and opened up the kiln. It was blown up really bad. Think I had to replace wires, bricks even shelves and posts. I went upstairs and MaryT was gone. She had moved out; never saw her again, although her brother showed up sometime later and we became friends. The kiln was not that big a deal. I fixed the whole thing and got it all back to the way it was. Cost a bit of money but no big deal. Apparently she felt so bad she just took off and went back to New York, so I heard. Had she stayed I am sure I would have fallen in love her eventually. But then I would have had a different life and become a different person.

Next after centering, a hole is made in the center of the clay to a depth that the pot would require. There were various means to do this such as arms extended and two thumbs pressed together straight down. Another way was just stick the index finger down into it. The problem was the hole had to be centered and not wobbly. My technique was to cup one hand on on the side of the cylinder with the the thumb stretched across the center. The index finger of the other hand is pressed into the crook of the thumb directly center and pushed down to the desired depth usually about an inch from the bottom.

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