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Pottery Wheels

Wherebe and his wife Whobe who had established the pottery shop in a two car garage on Winfield Street moved to the country. I came over to use the shop one day and everyone was gone. The doors were wide open, the apartment was cleaned out, all but the piano. It appeared that they had moved. They didn't tell me. I think it was verified by MaryT who may have come into the shop that day.

This may have been in March or early April of 1969. With MaryTs encouragement I decided I would move in there. Of course MaryT knew Where and Whobe well, they all belonging to the Nyland faction of a Gurdjieff religious group. Probably was her that got the number of the landlord who I called and made the arrangements. He was not adverse and the place was up for sale anyway. I moved in from a hotel in North Beach with a couple of suitcases.

The rent was expensive $180 a month. One could rent a whole house for $100. But it was on the side of a hill on a corner, such that it had great views east across the city and bay to Berkeley and Oakland, and north to Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge and Mount Tamalpais, and west to the top of Twin Peaks. It was two bedroom, big living room with adjoining dining and kitchen and it had the two car garage below with the pottery shop already there. There was another apartment on top, but they were not interested in the use of the garage.

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