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The Conceptualizations is a theory of the nature of the material world as we find it, or of nature and human anomaly. The theory would begin with the Triadic Intraverse, as the Whole, Part and Product, and the relationship to the Given and human anomalous Existence.

This theory reduces human social endeavor, as the practices, beliefs, conventions, customs, social institutions and groups, nations or peoples to three cultural types, as Polyism, Monoism and Triadism.

Polyism would be social structure, based on the construct and dynamics of the Whole, wherein all the Parts serve and are equally served by the Whole, and have Unified Functions in relationship to each other called Accordant Authority. Polyism includes the concepts of the Conservative, Whole, All, Ego, Polytheism, Matriarchy, PolyCulture, Socialism and Democracy.

Monoism would be social structure based on the function of the Part, only found in human social organization, wherein the Part secedes from the Whole as the more perfect One, and wherein the Whole is to serve the superior Part. Monoism includes the concepts of the Progressive, Part, One. Identities, Monotheism, Patriarchy, MonoCulture, Capitalism and Fascism.

Triadism is tandem with the Triadic Intraverse, as Polyism of the Whole and Monoism of the Part, as a perspective outside and external, wherein an amalgamism may be created as Products and social structures, as best benefits a utilization of all three, but wherein the integrity of each would be preserved. Triadism includes the Exoteric, Product, Null, Ipseities, Metatheism, MetaCulture, Amalgamism, Convention.

Triadic Intraverse :

The Conceptualizations is a theory of human existence, which would begin with the Triadic Intraverse, as the Whole, Part and Product, which in combination is one of the most fundamental of compositions next to atoms; and wherein social organization and individual endeavor would be explained in the context of this structural edifice, which is applicable to all things as the whole forest, with trees as many parts, and many Products, one of which is atmospheric oxygen. Every Whole is a Product of its Parts, and every Part is a Product of the Whole. Without Products, there would be neither the Whole or the Part, and thus the triadic. Since on the physical level, every Whole is a Part and every Part is a Whole, the four operations of the Triadic Intraverse might be Induction, Function, Reproduction and Waste.

The Whole :

A Whole is described as a circumscribed domain, composed of a numerically limited multiplicity of elements or Parts, which comprise a Unified Function in conjunction with each other; or describes the unification of all the many Parts into common union, such as a lake, where the physical element of water is the common denominator of the life within it. Every Whole is a Part and every Part is a Whole, the difference that a Whole produces primarily Products internal to itself and a Part primarily external. In terms of human social psychology, any organization would comprise a Whole, as any number of individuals or Parts, the purpose of which is to serve the common interests of all the members. Government or any organization with a fixed charter is a Whole.

The Part :

The primary function of a Part is said to produce Products external to itself. The heart as a Part of the body circulates blood external to itself. However, a Part is a Whole in itself described as a circumscribed domain, composed of a numerically limited multiplicity of elements, components or Parts, which comprise a Unified Function in conjunction with each other, the same as a Whole. As human psychology the politics of the Part may produce Products internal to the Whole as well as for themselves, which is the law of all natural Parts. Only humans can secede from social Wholes and produce Products primarily for themselves or One or self and few as opposed to All or many and everyone. Monoism descends from the concept of the Part, wherein its function as primarily Excess and Profit, or Products produced primarily for individual purposes.

The Product :

Ever present or Existent States are a Product of a past or Pre-existent States. The Whole is the Product of the Parts. The Parts are Products of the Whole. The Product gives to the Whole and the Part their purposes. Products are said to be produced internal to a Whole except for waste, and external to a Part. A Product internal contributes to the composition, constitution and dynamic of the Whole, as its makeup internal within itself, as a Part. In the natural world, an external Product of the Part would always serve the Whole, of which the Part that it belongs as forests belong to the planetary Whole. As human psychology, Products may serve the Whole or may serve the few and the self, called Libertarian Capitalism. A utilization of Products to serve both the Whole as Socialism and the self as Capitalism, would be an amalgamation called Triadicism, as is the economic practices of most of the world.

Authority :

There are thus three authorities as I, Bi and Tri, or one, two and three, called Accordant, Dyadic and Triadic Authority.

Accordant Authority would be said to be an operative mechanism of the Whole, wherein all the Parts accord and are in accordance, with the operation of the Whole of which they are a Part, called Unified Function, and wherein all the Parts are considered to possess an equity of Consequence and value. Accordant Authority is the operative office of Socialism, wherein the Whole, as represented by Government, designates the organizational commonalities, to which each of its elements or Parts conform, as correspondent, voluntarily and by law, as Unified Function, wherein the make-up of all its components are unified in preservation, continuance and function.

Dyadic Authority is the empowerment of Monoism as analogous of the Part, the function of which is transformation and/or destruction of Pre-existent States to produce Products. Monoism is Progressive Materialism in which the Pre-existent and Post-existent States are considered as antithetical opposites called the Antithetical Matrix and the Metaphysical Ideal, as a polarization of Consequence and wherein all matter is reduced to the Consequence of nil, and a numerical Evaluative system or zero/one to ten, is utilized to determine how any given entity is treated called Morality.

Triadic Authority would be a composite of Accordant, Dyadic and Triadic Authorities. Triadic Authority would consist in three dimensions as Matter, Mind and Meta meaning other-dimensional. Matter is said to be the sphere of Polyism. Mind would be the realm of Monoism, and Meta the domain of Triadicism, meaning beyond Matter and Mind. Thus, the individual has access to all three determinants, using one or another, depending upon situation and circumstance.

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