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Progressive Change is unique to the human mind, and the ability to create tools, industry, education, technology, metropolis and gadgets of every kind. Progress depends upon utilizing the transformation and destruction of elements of the natural world, as raw material and resource for human anomaly, and thus must adopt the concept of Consequential Negation of nature called Materialism. Anything may be transformed or destroyed for Excess & Profit including humans.


Consequential Negation introduces the concept of Antithetical Opposition, which is the origin of duality. Nature consists in oppositions as wind, rain, snow, hurricanes, earthquakes, predation, death and destruction. However the opposition inherent nature is called Complimentary Opposition. The sun compliments the cold of space. Rain compliments dryness. Snow protects the underground life from excessive cold. Hurricanes are a haircut to excessive growth. Earthquakes relieve the earth's crust of excessive pressure buildup and so-on. Complimentary Opposition is the promotion of the preservation, perpetuation and continuance of the natural world as a planetary whole.

Antithetical Opposition is the creation of blanket, categorical, ideological Evil, which is used to exploit, steal, murder and fascist control for the good by destroying Evil, which is pure stupidity and dumber than dirt. And this the western enlightenment, religion and capitalism has been the history of the last two thousand years.


Conservative means Givens are greater and govern ends, represented by As-Is. States as given As-Is are of greater Consequence than change. Progressive means ends are greater and govern givens, as states pre-existent change represented by Is-As. States as changed are of greater Consequence than pre-existent givens replaced.


The economic system of progressivity called Progressive Materialism is Excess & Profit, as more than what is needed. Whereas Indigenous people consider nature as Spiritual, wherein spirits are indigenous to the planetary plane as co-existent other-dimensionally, and thus Indigenous people live by Necessity & Subsistence no-blame spiritually.

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