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Excess & Profit requires Spirituality be destroyed and replaced with other-dimensional Religion, which is Monotheism, or one-God absent from the planetary sphere, and the introduction of Fascism, as only one God allowed, by penalty of hell, fire and brimstone, murder and mayhem.


Well actually Fascism is introduced with the appearance of Excess & Profit, no matter whether the Polytheism of Rome, of ancient Mesopotamia or Egypt, Maya, China or India. Capital concentrates whether gained honestly as merchants and trades-persons, potters and olive growers, or by pillage and theft and warlord gangs, and where sooner or later monarchy ensues. Excess & Profit is the culprit and other-dimensionality is used as justification for high crimes and misdemeanors, and to lord it over the masses.

The pyramids of Egypt and elsewhere of a certain ancient period, might suggest a certain symbolism. At the top and peak of the pyramid might be said to represent monotheism, oligarchy, monarchy or feudalism, and strata below tiered layers of higher echelon administrators, military and so-on, 'till the bottom tiers and base as the peasants. Each pyramidal side could be said to symbolize the four suits, or priest-god monotheism, merchant-gold oligarchy, soldier-guns monarchy and peasant-givens feudalism. The God, Gold, Guns and Givens of Progressive Materialism.


The Absence of Consequence inherent of Progressive Materialism requires a means of maintaining order to prevent total nihilism, chaos, lawlessness, mayhem and misrule. Thus must be created and introduced the concepts of Morality and the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.


Ethics is the behavioral standards of Indigenous peoples and the Conservative Paradigm, wherein the Consequence of Being of any given condition of nature is sacrosanct, or the pre-existent state is considered of greater consequence and value than alternatives to it. Ethics are based on Consequential Integrity and prohibitives concerning the other, even and especially when a detriment to the self called altruism.

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