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Morality means murder and other indiscretions are not absolutely prohibited but relative to situation and circumstance as self-defence, war and the worth and Consequence of the put-upon. Since the advent of Materialism there is no Consequence inherent of the natural world, and where value and Consequence must be assigned, this is accomplished by the numerical system of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.


Progressive Materialism assesses value and Consequence utilizing a numerical scale of from the opposites of the Antithetical Matrix as zero or one, and either the Metaphysical Ideal or Extra Mundane Authority as ten. This is low to high, evil to good, devil to god, worst and best and so on. Value and Consequence is assessed by adding from the bottom zero or one and subtracting from the top as ten.


That which is low on the scale may be transformed or destroyed and exploited in any manner. That on the top may not. Ten on the scale is represented as perfection, thus the perfect all-being God. Other tenants of ten are education, wealth, status, power, elitism, superiority, beauty and everything Metaphysical Ideal top-tier.

Zero is the lower base of the Pseudo-Conservatives, who are in reality progressives acquiring ever more and more of attribute tens, and who would adopt the concept of an untouchable class and are unforgiving, unsympathetic and uncompassionate believers in the death penalty. Attributes of zero worth are primitive, Indigenous, uneducated, indigent, crude, criminals, Gypsies and racial or religious minorities. Pseudo-Conservatives tend to believe the causes of malformities are genetic sloppy breeding and weak and lazy minds.

One is the lower base of the Liberals, also progressives but more middle class and who are more charitable and sympathetic to the lower classes. Attributes of the numerical one are uneducated, poor, mis-understood, drug addicts, criminals, racial minorities, homeless or prostitutes.

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