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Liberals tend to believe that the unfortunate are the victims of uncontrollable situation, circumstance and conditions.


From the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative the class system is derived called the Antipodal Associative Paradigm or untouchable (0), lower (1&2), lower-middle (3&4), middle (5&6), upper middle (7&8) and upper classes (9&10). The untouchable zero class is the most expendable and exploitable. One thru four are also expendable and exploitable by the classes five thru ten, although any element of the higher classes is capable of exploiting any element of the lower classes. Both the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and the Antipodal Associative Paradigm are unconscious mechanisms.

There are serious racists. But one must suspect that supposed racial animosity is actually about culture and class. Prejudice against minorities may be more about lower class minorities, the same prejudice exhibited against lower class members of the predjudiceee's own class and culture. Racism is most prevalent within the lower classes, but is often more about worker competition than race. In any case where the class system is hidden and opaque, the ruling classes would much prefer racism, than classism's-blame upon themselves, and so owning the media push the evils of racism but studiously omit the classes.


Doesn't everyone love Progressive Materialism ? On the downside is the murder and mayhem of hundreds of millions and the theft of everything not nailed down. On the upside is gas and electricity, useless screen entertainment, auto and airplane travel, medicine, food, water, sanitation, education, refrigeration, books and on and on. Progressive Materialism produces a warm and comfortable life for most. And it makes sense called Finite Determination. The activity, behavior and effort to produce change means increased value which makes perfect sense.

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