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The problem with nature is that it produces no results and products which explains itself other than what it already is. But the main problem is that nature does not create an increase in value and therefore it is meaningless to Progressive Materialists.


How to defend nature ? Nature is a zero sum game. One might begin with the concept of the Whole, described as circumscribed domain of numerically limited multiplicity of Parts, which comprise a Unified Function in conjunction with each other. A Whole is said to produce products primarily internal to itself. And Parts are said to produce products primarily external to themselves.

Thus the results and Products of the planetary Whole are what is produced internal to itself, as what-it is - due to Orbital Correlation, and wherein it cannot be more than what it is, and could but preferably will not be less. The planetary Whole is already perfect considering where it is.

Every Part is a Whole and every Whole is a Part except for a Choate Whole, such as the planet earth which produces no known Products external to itself, making it a Whole and not a Part. Thus it has no Finite Context, or produces no results and products which explains itself as its purpose, unless any Products would be other-dimensional, which would make the planet an honest Part, which it obviously is, as a Part of the solar system and galaxy.


The Whole is the sum, residence and environment of the Parts. and provides unity of function, meaning all the Part internal to the Whole produce Products, which preserve the Whole in the manner to which it is accustomed, as all the Parts of a fish, or a dog or a forest or a living planet.

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