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In the unity of function all the Parts though they may be quite different in make-up and function, are equal in their necessity to the Whole, and provide a commonality equality, as a single Whole is the commonality of all the many and diverse Parts.


Thus the Whole is likened to Government which is Socialism. Every town, city and metropolis with a Government is Socialist. The municipality is the Whole and the Government regulates the internal activities and behaviors of the individuals, to reduce and eliminate friction, and provide services thru the cooperative contributions to the Whole of which individuals alone could not provide, and who live within the confines of Government, as borough to metropolis wherein all the people are Parts.

Government is a collective of all the Parts, each of which contribute a small fee to the cumulative pot, to construct and build infrastructure as roads, bridges, lighting, water, sewer, power, police and fire, schools, parks and libraries, which alone individuals could not do by themselves or even groups; and could provide banks, and insurance, since they are socialist by their function, contributive of each member a small fee to a large pot, for bank lending or insurance tragedy, and to include healthcare, if the Capitalists would allow it. But they don't know what Socialism is and would destroy Government if they did. The Parts can be Socialist or they can be Capitalist. Every nation, metropolis down to village is mixed Government Socialism and private Capitalism.


The Whole, Socialism and the All are each Conservative where Givens are greater and govern ends, represented by As-Is. The Whole and the Part and their subsidiaries Socialism and Capitalism are further illustrated by the MetaProperties of All and One.

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