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All as everyone and altruism would represent the Whole, Socialism and public, while the One would represent self-interest and singularity, as the Part and private Capitalism. All is associated with commonalities as community, public and social union, and what is common to All. One is associated with self-interest, private profit, free enterprise, individualism, elite, superiority, progressive advancement, exclusivity and advancement.


The Part as producing Products external to itself is for the common good of the Whole, except as human psychology where the Parts as volitional people, may be either Conservative servicing the Whole or Progressive servicing the private self. And of course there is something of each. External Products are traded and sold for the use and accumulation of Excess & Profit, for self and kin and for like-mindeds. The Interpretive Context of the Part is the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.


A third MetaProperty is called the Null, which represents other-dimensionality as Spirituality, Religion and Mysticism or Metaphysics. Spirituality is defined as the other-dimensionality of the Conservative Whole, All, Polytheism and Socialism. Religion is described as the other-dimensionality of Progressive, Part, One, Monotheism and Capitalism. Mysticism and Metaphysics generally promote life and beyond, as a mystery and is usually not accordant to either of the former.


The Psychology of the Conservative, Whole and All is thru what is called contexts of interpretation as the Ego, the Progressive, Part and One thru the Context of the Identities and Ipseities as other-dimensional Context. The Ego interprets in the Context of the body. The Identities interpret in the Context of objectives, and the Ipseities interpret in the context of other-dimensionality.


The Ego is the first personality developed from infancy as Associative selector, which chooses Association from the memory that best matches reality or thinking, as observance, recognition, identification, classification, implications and context.

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