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The selective choice of Association is called Interpretation and the selectors are the Ego, Identities and Ipseities. The foremost and primary contextual criterion for selection by the Ego is the body, as how all sensory recognition will affect the body, in any manner positive or negative for health and safety, and to prevent injury and pain. The Ego may be cautious of the strange dog approaching. The Ego is Conservative and is likened to the Whole as the body Whole, of which the Products produced are internal to itself, as good health, fitness, properly fed, well housed, well dressed and happy.

Because all bodies are essentially the same functionally, except for the sexes male and female, the Ego would be affiliated with the All. Because the All working in conjunction with each other, as sharing the work of harvesting, and wherein the Whole is by construct Socialist, meaning every Part contributes to the functionality of the Whole, the Ego would be Socialist as primarily concerned internally.


Whereas the evaluative system or Progressive Materialism is the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, the evaluative system applicable to the Ego, the Whole, All and Socialism is Optimum Correspondence. Wherein the Dyadic is a sliding scale between Antithetical Opposites, Optimum Correspondence is a single fixed comparative, as the optimum condition, situation or circumstance of any given entity, as optimum temperature, optimum amount of sleep, water, food, growing conditions, optimum comfort and optimum ice hardness for skating. Whereas the Dyadic is subjective, the ends zero and ten are made-up, as whatever those in control deem them be, such as witch and princes, Putinism and Trumpism, terrorists and freedom fighters, God and the Devil. The optimum comparative is inherent in the given material construct, as the optimum temperature of seventy-two degrees or optimum knife sharpness, tire roadway grip, spark-plug spark, and pumpkin pie taste.

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