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The implications of Optimum Correspondence is Conservative, preservative and maintenance, as the continuation of optimum durability and serviceability. The optimum Whole would be where all the Parts work in conjunction of a Unified Function as optimum performance, such as a marching band, a well oiled not greased socialist government or an automobile. The Ego as selector of Association has the primary mission of maintaining the Optimum Correspondence of the body to its environment.


Identities as Interpretive Contexts select Association in the Context of personifications of objectives such as sailor, weaver, dentist, technician of a type, or a baker. Individuals may have any number of Identities, as when the objective is a driving destination home, and then the objective to cook a meal, and then to help the kids with homework, and then to satisfy a partner in bed, all these as different Identities as well as a possible profession and a hobby.

The Identities are associated with the Part, as producing products external to themselves. Products as produced external are in the first instance for the benefit of the self in conjunction with the Ego, but they may also be produced as Excess & Profit. Identities are individual and as individual objectives, more often than not fail to conceive of the big picture, and can conflict with each other like early bird and late nighter. And as well the individual can have personality Identities that hate each other called multi-personality disorder - maybe. At any rate, as it is in the interest of the Ego to get along with All, Identities often are based not-only on not-getting along, but on hatred such as religious Identities and Ipseities that hate others, or Capitalists that hate Socialists. The Ego can exhibit strong jealousies of which violence can ensue, but Identities can have violence built-in such as the Identity of hit-man, soldier, police or boxer.

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