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The Question

It was the early seventies when the books of Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan were popular. There was a particular piece of information in the teachings of Don Juan that bothered me, which was something to the affect that the spiritual forces can get one any-time. This was something I was not inclined to believe, feeling that the spirits are not going to mess with one if one were of the right attitude.

It was out behind Gerry's house in the little wood that I decided to ask the question. I used the method of synchronicity - to wit - ask a question and set a scenario for the answer to play itself out in reality. So I took a little toke of weed, went up to the road, got into the car and started driving. Can the spirits get me any-time they want?

Using my girl friend Sonoma's car, my intention was to drive down to the Valencourt Fountain on the Embarcadero waterfront at the base of Market Street in San Francisco, which was a replica of a fallen freeway with water emerging from the collapsed columns into a large pool. But it didn't work out, could not find the requisite parking, since I had not a working starter motor and needed parking with an incline, and thus I pushed on. Decided to go up to North Beach but the same thing. It wasn't happening, none of the requisite parking and again I seemed to be pushed onward. So I decided to go to Golden Gate Park via the Marina District, pick up the freeway to the Golden Gate Bridge and take the last exit which would loop down under to 19th Avenue and would run through to the park.

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