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Right Wing in the broad sense means individuals who believe in Progressive Elitism with its inherent social hierarchy. Left Wing means those who believe in a more equitable social structure promoted by Government.

Progression in simple terms, is the desire of individuals to acquire physical and intellectual assets, which provides a sense of worth and gives meaning to the activity of living. These assets can be anything from the development of talent such as singing, sports, intellectual capacities, or speaking abilities, to the acquisition of property, power, fame, prestige and status or money. The concept of progress is inherently Elitist. Elitism by definition is considered as superior states and conditions. Elitism is the progressive development of talent and the acquisition of property to degrees which are not shared by others, such that the elite are exceptional by their difference from the ordinary and majority. Elitism can be an end in itself, as what is considered to be a distinct and exceptional human identity.

When the individual's convictions are based upon elitism, as the greatest degree of progression from the ordinary and average, by the accumulation and development of talent, education, wealth, power, influence, and volitional abilities, then there must be an emphasis upon specific values and principles which support Progressive Elitism. These values may incorporate such objectives as individuality, in which elitist qualities are distinct from the social majority; personal responsibility wherein those of lesser means are responsible for their own circumstances, nor may there be any requirement of shared cooperation; private property as the accumulation of assets and the security to protect them; the institution of family as the recipient and holder of assets; and sometimes competition as the means of obtaining assets and systems of social hierarchy in which status is institutionalized.

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