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Religion is distinguished from Spirituality. Religion is Materialist and Progressive while Spirituality is Conservative and Spiritual.

Spirituality proceeds Religion in terms of progressive human material development, in which non-physical spiritual entities are considered as contained-in and coexistent with the natural world. The economic means is Necessity and Subsistence, and what is used for human consumption is limited to what is needed. Thus no blame.

Religion begins with the introduction of Excess and Profit, and the stratification of society into progressed and less developed classes. The object and identity of Progressive Materialism, as first progressive material acquisition, becomes extrapolated into the spiritual realm of the non-physical.

Progressive Materialism is bipolar by its nature, wherein all evaluation is by the comparison to-on the one-hand, the natural, undeveloped and primitive states as antithetical to human wants and desires, and on the other developed, superior, sophisticated and elite qualities and conditions. These bipolar opposites are termed the Antithetical Matrix or what is natural, and the Metaphysical Ideal, as the highest degrees of development. The Metaphysical Ideals of Religion are non-physical, abstract, mental and intellectual constructs, that represent superior perfection and purity opposite to the natural physical world. The Metaphysical Ideal of Religion is termed the Extra Mundane Authority.

Because the Extra Mundane Authority is non-physical and non-worldly, any and all elements of the physical natural world need not have any inherent worth or consequence, unless they are said to be somehow infused with grace from above like religious relics. This is convenient to the economics of Excess and Profit, where anything in the natural world may be used, exploited and developed for economic gain. Thus the material world becomes no more than material resource and materialistic.

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