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It was probably back around 1954, when in summer over school vacation some of the kids in town probably organized by Hegle, took a trip to Riverview Amusement Park in Chicago. Five kids and I no adults, and it was a fairly complex trip involving a train ride into Chicago, and then at least two bus transfers in the big city. This was way beyond my league and I just followed along.

We took the train from our (up town) station, probably around nine in the morning and got to Riverview guess maybe around ten-thirty. I had ridden the train to Chicago, a distance of some fifty miles called The Milwaukee Road although don't know why, it didn't go within a hundred miles of Milwaukee, but probably because it was a part of a larger system, with my parents any number of times. But I was not familiar with the buses. This was new and strange to me especially that funny looking piece of paper called a transfer. The train and the buses were not crowded and Hegel had written instructions, so we got to Riverview easily.

The day was warm, sunny and blue. Can't be sure if that was my first time at Riverview or if I had been there before with my girl cousins. The other guys decided that we would do some of the less strenuous rides before lunch and save the wild ones till last. So it was that maybe the first ride we did was the parachutes. After standing in line for a bit, two people at a time maybe Smitty and me, got into a Ferris Wheel like seat with a bar that was locked across the lap.

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