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This is a consideration that there are two fundamental planes that makes living existence possible, which are the Physical Plane or Positive Dimension and the non-physical or Spiritual Plane called the Metaphysical Dimension. Two elements could be considered as essential to a living phenomenon: One is automatic material being and the other non-automatic non-material being.


The physical world is considered as mechanical and automatic like the heart that beats continuously without interruption for the life of the being. There can be no interference, no choice, no interruptions, no vacations or the organism is immediately dead. This could be said to be analogous to the physical universe, wherein the earth like the heart, cannot pause in its orbit or spin without catastrophe befalling all living things. But this physical world, as mechanical and automatic is descriptive of a machine, dead and not alive.


The natural world is Conservative. All life depends upon and is relative to the consistent and stable relation of the earth's orbit around a point in space, as the specific temperature of the sun, in which any evolution, as the change of the construction, constitution, function and dynamic of any given organism, must take the form of correspondence to existing orbital conditions. Of much more use than the idea of evolution is that the survival of any species must conform to the planetary environment which is over the long run, is fairly constant and in which the entity must reflect that constancy.


If there is considered to be two primary elements, as pre-existing and changed states, the Equivalency Principle defines the results & products of any given, or all natural change of the Given Existence, as equivalent to the tandem pre-existent states transformed or destroyed.

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