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If the future were known such that punishment was certain for any trespass upon the property of God, then conduct would be further restricted. By the absence of any known certain reason and purpose for the creation of fruit, humankind has the ability to regard fruit in any manner it wishes which is the ability of free will.

All volition is based upon the Absent and Imperative Determinants. The Absent Determinant represents conditions when there is no known and certain beneficial or destructive and harmful results and products in future, which would prohibit activity and behavior in present, and thus allows for the ability of volition to proceed. The Imperative Determinant represents known and certain states or conditions in future which would mandate activity and behavior in present, either as something positive l ike the purchase of a guaranteed winning lottery ticket, or something destructive like an approaching tornado. These two distinctions and capacities represent the ability of free will and volition. An Imperative Determinant is a foreseeable and fairly certain result and product in future which mandates behavior in the present, and gives to it reason, purpose, motive and meaning. The use of Imperative Determinants as Authorities for human living is Finite Determination, that explains reason, purpose and meaning of any state or entity in terms of results and products. The existence of apple trees like Poison Ivy, would have no significance if were not for the results and products of apples as a food and commodity. If all human activity and behavior were determined by Imperative Determinants, human conduct would be that of an automaton in which action in present would be required to correspond to known and certain conditions in future. By the absence of Imperative Determinants the facility of volition is possible.

From Finite Determination specific and singular value and consequence is assigned which is termed Definitive Value. Definitive Value defines states and entities not upon the qualities and conditions they exhibit in their natural state as inherent in nature, but upon the results and products they produce which limits and restricts the identity, definition, context to singular qualifications, and wherein they are dependent for value and consequence upon conditions outside their innate constitution.