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Snow is a necessary condition of ground cover, as a blanket to prevent the freezing and destruction of vegetation within the soil by very cold air temperatures. Snow defined by the results and products it produces, may be considered as pure nuisance by anyone except those associated with winter products industries.

As opposed to Finite Determination is the Absent Determinant which allows for any given subject to assume any identity, definition and context which may be appropriate to any given circumstance. The tree may be defined as building material, home to birds, food for bees, a land mark or refuge from the sun, a communicative spirit or the epitome of beauty and any number of other things. The tree is and may be all these things and thus any specific value is given to it by individual perspective and circumstance.

By the absence of Definitive Value as the singularity of definition and context, one is free to interpret phenomenon, entities or events in a variety of ways, to include the possibility of spiritual perspective in which sensory evidence and manifestations of spiritual presence is possible in the physical existence and experience of the Positive Dimension. This perspective is introduced as described by the concept of Spiritual Substantiation. Spiritual Substantiation is derived from the evidence of Spiritual Manifestations considered as Semiotic Language.

If Spiritual Substanciation and Semiotic Language is to be a possibility, it is first necessary to allow for the absence of finite identities, definitions and contexts which prohibit the potential. If one were to assume that the tree could communicate, it first must be necessary to allow the tree to assume such an identity and ability. The ability of states and entities to assume varied identities, definitions and contexts is termed Olamic Value. Olamic Value applies to all natural states and elements of the Given Existence based upon the perspective that there is no known and certain results and products which explains the Given Existence as anything other than what they already is.