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If Instead of a coin flip, a seemingly random event is substituted such as to the question 'which is the way to go?', and a bird flies overhead heading east, especially when there were no birds in the air before, it may be considered as a communicative response, if one has a record of experience which would indicate this as a fact and is trustworthy. The relationship of time between the stimulus and the response can be as Synchronistic or may be delayed days or weeks. For some questions Synchronicity is important. For other questions concerning the need for information in which is not urgent, the response can be delayed. This concerns things like the involvement is circumstance as real experience which demonstrates something such as a problem one is working on.

The veracity of Spiritual Manifestations can only be determined by the experience of the individual, and still certainty may be elusive. But then again if results and products in future were known for a certainty there would be no free will. Spiritual Context is the absence of Imperative Determinants, or the knowledge of the future which proscribes activity & behavior in the present, to automatic action which is absent volition. Even so one should probably be careful what they wish for.