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There is a difference between what is called pure sensation and that as affected by association. This distinction is the difference between pure experience, as the feel of cold water, wherein no associations alter the experience, and the experience of sensations when they are altered by association, like the feeling of cold water inspires the memory of falling through the lake ice, such that the present experience of cold water seems much colder than it really is. Sensation takes place in every waking instance such sight, smell, sound taste and feel. In most cases there is little or no reaction to these sensations. Sensation which is absent consequence that alters reaction is termed Amorphous Sensation.

The greatest affect upon sensory response is what is termed Consequential Value. Tragedy involving strangers may have little sensory affect upon the individual. When tragedy involves the self or personal relations, then the sensory response is usually quite affected and animated. Sensory response which is affected by Consequential Value is defined as Emotion. When the sensory response is not affected by Consequential Value it is defined as Natural Affection.


Natural Affection is said to be sensory response to the immediate environment, to what the body senses or to thinking, which is not altered or enhanced by Consequential Value. The house fire was seen to be the thrilling and beautiful specter of a big fire, because this was a stranger's home and its loss was of no particular concern to the witness. Emotion is said to be the response to sensation from the immediate environment or thinking, which is affected by association that has consequence for the individual. If the house fire was one's own home, the sensory reaction to the event, would more than likely by quite different from the stranger's, very dramatic, animated, with anger and fear, perhaps self-pity. This would be called an emotional reaction.


Emotion is said to be the sensory response and reaction to present sensation which is interior or exterior to the body in which some consequence pertaining to the individual is associated.