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The Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity defines the Given Existence as possessing an inherent and legitimate consequence in and of itself. This is because the natural world and universe is considered to be a Spiritual State. Consequential Value termed Unified Consequence pertains to all aspects of the Given Existence as a whole. The Progressive Material Volitional Identity defines the Given Existence as absent any inherent consequence. Thus what has a validity of consequence must be created by the ability of human volition. This creates a duality between what is natural and what is human created. This duality is termed Bipolar Consequence.

Opposition is the conflict between a pre-existent and the tandem state changed, which affects and defines the nature of Consequential Value and thus the sensory response system as a whole. If an individual is emotionally attached to an old movie theater one has been going to for many years, where one has taken the kids, had many great moments and memories, any change that this individual might have an emotional sympathy for, would be that which preserves what it already is, in a same or similar condition, such as repainting, new curtains and seats. Any changes should compliment the already existing ambiance. This kind of change or Opposition is termed Complimentary Opposition.

Bipolar Consequence derives from the concept of Antithetical Opposition. Antithetical Opposition is defined as any state or change which is considered to be opposed and antithetical to to the pre-existent state. As a generalization, natural change such as a storm, which would damage the movie theater, may be considered as antithetical to the pre-existent state. Consequential Value is polarized into opposed attributes, as conceptualized states and conditions, or the way things are supposed to be and that which is antithetical them. This duality is given good and bad attributes in which consequence is attached, and which produces a bipolar emotional response system. These attributes are positive and negative such as good and bad, heaven/hell, beauty/beast, new/old, or rich and poor. One may be supposed to hate those individuals or cultures that hold values that contradict and are a threat to one's own value system, like maybe atheists, communists, pagans, or capitalists. One is supposed to love those values which are of consequence to one. The conflicts that exist between what is of consequence and what is not, produce love/hate emotional sensory systems which lead to violence of every sort.