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The Equipolent Emotional Dynamic is an emotional system which is not antagonistic, or which does not polarize what is of consequence into antithetical dichotomies. Consequential Value is unified. This means that opposite attributes such as cold and hot are not considered as antithetical, but as complimentary to each other. The heat of the sun is modified by the cool of the shade. Natural change which may be considered in opposition to human created states and well being, can be considered and defined as promoting the continued existence of states which are pre-existent to the change, by transformation, destruction and regeneration. Storms destroy elements of the natural world, human property and sometimes lives. If one has the perspective that storms promote the existence of what already is, as the natural world, then one may possess no animosity toward storms. Can one blame the wind for blowing?

The Equipolent Emotional Dynamic is non-antagonistic. This means Consequential Values which do not correspond to the natural world or which are subject to the destruction of the elements, are not valued and considered of consequence. Emotionally antagonistic dichotomies are not created. All humans have commonality such as the equality of the human condition on the planet, a same or similar sensory system, families, children, etc., and have commonality with all other creatures. If everything is of equal consequence, and all natural things are considered of great consequence in and of themselves, then emotional animation and intensity can occur, from the experience of the ordinary events of any given circumstance.

The Equipolent Emotional Dynamic represents the Sensory Response System which is fairly responsive and accordant to the sensory sensations of any given present circumstance, as they accord to the Human Sensory Apparatus, as opposed to conceptualized value and consequence. This means that if one is in the wind, one experiences it as a sensory encounter, as where one is in life, at that moment, and does not experience it based upon conceptions of the way this experience ought to be, like sunny and mild, which is not as it is, and which makes this experience of wind emotionally unpleasant. For instance it may be said to be something short of a full load to like to walk in the rain.